Commercial Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning services are of the highest quality, just take a look at our reviews! We know that sanitation is a priority, more so when trying to prevent the spread of disease and infection in your workplace, that is why we are trained to sanitize in the most thorough way possible!

Commercial Cleaning Services Fresno

The image of your business is a vital aspect for your product or services to be marketable. You may have an excellent business, but if its image and work area doesn´t reflect cleanliness and neatness, then you could be in trouble. But are you going to waste time doing it yourself? Isn’t it always better to hire a professional who will always guarantee impeccable service? That’s where you can count on us, your friends at Gabriel’s Cleaning Service.

Among our services, you will find commercial and office cleaning, as well as janitorial service. But what does this consist of?

Commercial cleaning refers to the complete list of cleaning services for commercial or industrial facilities, with high-quality products and applied by a professional company with trained staff. Whether or not your company has a checklist of the areas that require periodic attention, at Gabriel’s Cleaning Services we work as a team with you to review an adequate work plan and thus, leave no area unattended.

Among the activities that can be included in this commercial cleaning services are:

• Carpet cleaning and vacuuming.
• Deep cleaning of hard floors.
• Floor polishing.
• Wipe and dust all horizontal surfaces such as chairs, tables, and all types of furniture
• Disinfection of areas and surfaces
• Emptying trash from dumpsters, washing them, and putting them back ready to work
• Cleaning of internal and external windows, etc.

Among the most common commercial areas where this service is recommended are stores, restaurants, factories, schools, hospitals, showrooms, and offices. And precisely in the case of offices, it´s important to emphasize its importance.

What our clients say

Extremely thorough work. Very professional. They pay attention to detail and have our office cleaner than it’s ever been. I would highliy recommend!

- Luke Heinricks

Maria and Angel cleaned our corporate office for many years and did an outstanding job. They are thorough, consistent, dependable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.
- JT Turner

Gabriel’s clean has been cleaning my house for a long time now, the owners are very responsable and they do a great job, if you need any type of cleaning I recommend you this company.
- Jackie Castro