Cleaning of Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers

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Among the most specialized, important, and delicate services that a cleaning company can offer are those related to hospitals, clinics, and medical centers. In these spaces, the accumulation of microorganisms and their deficient cleaning can provoke the proliferation of pathogens that cause infections and diseases.

Properly disinfected hospital surfaces can reduce the number of microorganisms by up to 99%. However, those that were simply cleaned (without having received a disinfection process) only manage to reduce the number of microorganisms by up to 80%. Thus, the hospital cleaning company has to be the right one for the results needed for a place as exposed as a hospital.

The cleaning services offered by these agencies are the control measures that break the epidemiological chain of infections. The objective of the services that a hospital cleaning company should offer is to guarantee a clean place with a minimum load of affectation towards the patients, contributing to reduce the possibilities of infection transmission.

The hospital cleaning company must take into account the factors that can favor contamination within a healthcare center:

• Although not directly dependent on the hospital cleaning company, the hands of healthcare professionals are in contact with infected surfaces at all times. When healthcare professionals fail to use basic cleaning techniques in hospital processes and on a day-to-day basis.
• Keeping surfaces wet or damp without carrying out their full cleaning process.
• Leaving uncleaned different surfaces such as cabinets, shelves, or tables that are not used on a daily basis may give the impression that they don´t need to be cleaned. However, the accumulation of dust on them can lead to contamination and subsequent infection and contagion of people.
• Lack of cleanliness and hygiene in walls, ceilings, windows, doors, floors, carpets, etc.
• Keeping organic matter in different rooms or cabinets conditioned for them in hospitals.

At Gabriel’s Cleaning Services we understand the importance of this service and that is why we offer the following services:
• Cleaning and disinfection implementing cleaning procedures differentiated by risk areas.
• Shock actions after works or remodeling in accordance with current regulations.
• Laundry services management.
• Cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems.
• Microbiological control and counting service.
• Design and implementation of internal and external waste management systems.
• Supply and replacement of integral material for toilet and changing room areas.
• Room cleaning services.

There are multiple benefits to hiring a professional hospital cleaning service:
• Expert team with extensive experience and training: the training policy at Gabriel’s Cleaning Services is very demanding as it´s constantly updated according to the needs of the sector. In the case of health centers, clinics, and hospitals, we have a specialized team formed by perfectly trained professionals.
• Cutting-edge machinery and specific products: at Gabriel’s Cleaning Services we have specific cleaning materials, machinery, and tools for each surface.
• Protocols for each scenario: since our inception, we have created our own protocols that have been shaped jointly with our customers and that establish standards and cleaning guidelines for health centers, clinics, and hospitals.
• Compliance with the scheduled time: as we always say, time is an important element when planning the cleaning of a hospital. As it´s a space in constant operation, the team of professionals must adapt to specific schedules to avoid inconvenience and discomfort to staff and patients.

With an efficiency that you will not find in any other hospital cleaning services company, we invite you to contact us. At Gabriel’s Cleaning Services you´ll find a professional and specialized hospital cleaning service. If you need more information, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to floor care, we know that carpets demand a distinctly different protocol than a hard surface needs. Carpets require specialized care since they experience different issues then hard commercial floors.

Cleaning Details

Hot water extraction: We use this technique to offer a deep clean and remove ground-in soil from even the oldest carpets. The heated vapor breaks down carpet grime, making it easy to extract from your floors. This method also kills bacteria, making it our preferred carpet-cleaning procedure.

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Extremely thorough work. Very professional. They pay attention to detail and have our office cleaner than it’s ever been. I would highliy recommend!

- Luke Heinricks

Maria and Angel cleaned our corporate office for many years and did an outstanding job. They are thorough, consistent, dependable and trustworthy. I highly recommend them.
- JT Turner

Gabriel’s clean has been cleaning my house for a long time now, the owners are very responsable and they do a great job, if you need any type of cleaning I recommend you this company.
- Jackie Castro