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The need to carry out correct and thorough maintenance and cleaning of a school encompasses transcendental factors in the educational and social development of the student.

A classroom is a space where a large number of children live together for long hours every day. The cleanliness and hygiene of the classroom are paramount, because at this stage of growth, the chances of contracting and/or infecting others, are very high. Regardless of their age, students play, interact, get dirty, and coexist in the same space. This increases the risk of germ absorption and transmission if the facilities are not properly disinfected.

The importance of clean classrooms

In a school, dirt is present in many spaces, which is perfectly normal. A school is a space of constant activity, where hundreds of students walk, run and play around its facilities. The maintenance and cleanliness of a school help above all, to avoid the concentration of germs and bacteria that can cause diseases. Hygiene is not only important for a space free of bacteria and viruses, it´s also important for the proper learning of students. Learning and developing skills in a clean and well-kept place increases students’ motivation and involvement in their school life.

Classrooms, toilets, dining rooms, offices, gymnasiums, playgrounds and in general common areas are an example of the spaces in which we ensure correct maintenance and cleaning of a school. Our team and equipment are ideal to perform this very important task. Here, we explain why:

The services in the maintenance and cleaning of an educational facility

The maintenance and cleaning of a school offered by Gabriel’s Cleaning Services are meticulous and very thorough. By hiring our service, we will take care of large areas and eradicate impurities and dirt on surfaces and objects in rooms. A desk does not cease to be a great center of contact with germs, so its cleaning will be done in a conscious way using the right supplies.

The products used for cleaning are products of proven quality and certified by experts, to ensure the correct and thorough hygiene of the facilities. In terms of disinfection, chemicals are used to eradicate germs on every surface, which would not be possible with basic products. In addition, we have the appropriate machinery to efficiently perform our service, always complying with the standards and requirements according to the task to be carried out.

The best time for the maintenance and cleaning of a school

One of the doubts that come to mind when thinking about the maintenance and cleaning of a school is the time when this cleaning takes place. Our services offer several options to choose the one that best suits the availability of the school and their budget. However, the best option is always to perform the service in those hours where it´s known for sure that the space will not be occupied. In this way, we can carry out our objectives without space restrictions.

The maintenance and cleaning of a school can be divided in general by 3 types of cleaning according to its period:

• Daily: being a daily service, the cleaning will be less rigorous as constant disinfection is already carried out.
• Weekly: in this case, cleaning takes place once a week and the service is more rigorous and thorough than daily.
• Every so often: in this case, there is the possibility of increasing the time between one cleaning and another, but this is very deep due to the accumulated dirt.

It´s the school itself that decides how often maintenance is performed and the depth and thoroughness of the service. Being a public space with constant activity, cleaning is not an option but a duty, and we, the family of Gabriel’s Cleaning Services, are fully qualified to do it.

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to floor care, we know that carpets demand a distinctly different protocol than a hard surface needs. Carpets require specialized care since they experience different issues then hard commercial floors.

Cleaning Details

Hot water extraction: We use this technique to offer a deep clean and remove ground-in soil from even the oldest carpets. The heated vapor breaks down carpet grime, making it easy to extract from your floors. This method also kills bacteria, making it our preferred carpet-cleaning procedure.

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Gabriel’s clean has been cleaning my house for a long time now, the owners are very responsable and they do a great job, if you need any type of cleaning I recommend you this company.
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